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Winter Wonderland Getaway

We packed up and headed for the woods for quality family time the week before Christmas. The drive from Buffalo to Woodloch in the Poconos was just over 4 hours and gorgeous! We even saw a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree as we drove by! Something my son, Ryder, will never forget. He texted my mom to tell her about the bald eagle sighting, and when she asked if he got a photo, he said, "sadly, no." The memory will have to do. Thankfully, we have plenty of pictures from our trip to Woodloch. If you want to see it, keep reading!

Woodloch has everything you can imagine and more! We went nonstop for two days and still didn't have time to do it all. The resort has something for everyone, though. We spent lots of time in the indoor kid's water area, pool, sauna, and waterslide! As well as the indoor playground, gym with basketball, craft areas, and arcade. The kids had a blast with the bumper cars and the petting zoo as well.

Every morning at breakfast, we were presented with a list of activities for the day (including crafts, trivia games, and what time the other attractions were open). Here are just a few of the things that were available that we didn't have time for Paintball, go-karts, ice skating, tubing, golf, archery, and more.

With all the fun we were having, you can imagine our appetites. But, my favorite thing about Woodloch was mealtimes. Was it delicious? Yes! So good! But, my favorite part was the act of sitting down as a family three times a day and enjoying a meal together. At Woodloch, you sit at the same table for your whole stay and have the same waitress for the most part. They know your family and are a significant part of your trip. The staff is just excellent, and we couldn't have asked for better service! The team made sure we were always full & kept the chocolate milk flowing for my kiddos. While we ate, we played Uno, tic tac toe, and legos.

In the mornings, we arrived at breakfast to find fresh coffee cake and freshly brewed coffee. And for dinner, we were always greeted with a delicious salad and fresh bread. The menu changed every meal and had a great variety to choose from.

In the evenings we enjoyed the live band or trivia games as a family. We got endless compliments on our matching pajamas, and my sweet Athena slept through most of it (in her defense, it was a fun-filled day, and we kept her out until almost 11 pm).

Although we didn't spend much time in our room it was very cozy! There was a bedroom with two queen beds, a full bathroom, and a closet. The front room had a large sitting area, two couches with a pull-out bed, mini-fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. It also had another large closet & a second full bathroom with a shower. It even had our own private balcony that the kids loved!

We can't wait to go back to Woodloch and have more family adventures! I love that the resort is family-owned and run and really makes it easy for families to connect.


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