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Take the Work out of Your Lawn Care

Summer is here, and I'm so excited to relax outside and enjoy the pool, sun, and extra space for our family. But, unfortunately, my husband is like me; he can't relax and enjoy the beautiful weather if our yard doesn't look good. Usually, he spends hours trying to figure out what our lawn needs and spends way too much money on products that don't end up working. Thankfully, that's not the case this year since we found Sunday!

Sunday uses satellite and climate data to create a plan for your lawn. They will send a free soil test to understand the nutrients needed for your property and create a perfectly tailored lawn care plan for you! It was quick & easy to fill out a few questions online and get a personal and convenient lawn care plan delivered right to my door! Even my husband was impressed at how seamless it was. The lawn care nutrients were packed well to ensure no chance of spilling and double bagged just in case the box was damaged.

Regarding the application, it couldn't be easier! Just fifteen minutes after attaching a hose to the nutrient bag, the spraying of our lawn was complete with less harsh ingredients and no unwanted chemicals! The best thing is the nutrient pouches are made with no toxic pesticides. Now we can enjoy the rest of our day and summer without worrying about our yard! In addition, our subscription sends out product exactly when our lawn needs it so every step is easy and worry free.

Sunday uses key powerful ingredients backed by nature and designed with your family in mind. Such as soy protein, molasses, seaweed, and iron. I love that I don't need to worry about harsh chemicals, and the ease of using Sunday makes it a no-brainer! Click HERE and use code: STEPHANIEM20 for 20% off your customized lawn care program!

This blog is sponsored by Get Sunday; however, the views and opinions are all my own.


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