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Spooky Treats, Too Cute to Eat!

I can't believe tomorrow is October! I'm totally ready for a change in season & all the fun fall activities. Who am I kidding?! I've had my fall décor up for weeks now. But that's okay! I'm creating my own happiness and choosing JOY whenever I can. For me that means decorating and creating fun spooky treats with my kids. If you need a fun yummy activity to do with your kids then keep reading!

Because I had 3 small children with me while creating these treats I forgot to take pics of all the things you will need and individual steps. So I'll do my best to make the directions visual & simple!

Supplies needed:

- Melting Chocolate

- Oreo's

- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

- Candy Eyeballs

- Paper straws

- All the sprinkles

- Can of frosting

- Ziploc bag or piping bag

- Pretzel sticks & Pretzel Rods

- Marshmallows (whatever size you prefer)

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow's

I don't think the chocolate dipped marshmallow's really need a whole lot of instructions, but I will give you some tips!

- Melt small batches of chocolate (dice chocolate up to help melting process) - If using regular sized marshmallows cut paper straws in half - After dipping marshmallow don't dunk directly into sprinkles. - Let marshmallow sit until dry on parchment paper or baking sheet.

Even though these are extremely easy to make I think my kids enjoyed eating these the most!

Reese's Oreo Bat's!

These bats are easy to make and are ridiculously cute! My kids were able to do almost everything except pipe the frosting to make the eyes stick. I hope you enjoy eating these as much as we enjoyed making them!

- Start by scraping the filling from Oreo's & snap in half.

- Put some frosting in a Ziploc bag for piping & cut the corner.

- Pipe a small amount of frosting on the Oreo "wing" & attach to Reese's.

- Pipe more frosting on top of wings & attach googly eyes.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@Stephanie_Massaker) if you decide to make any spooky treats!

Last but certainly not least we made creepy chocolate covered pretzels & Oreo's. So much fun to make!

- Melt chocolate in small batches.

- Dip pretzel rods or oreo's in chocolate & scrape excess chocolate.

- Decorate with googly eyes, sprinkles and your imagination!

This year has been one for the books! So hold your babies tight, make some spooky treats and be grateful for the good days that will be precious memories on the bad ones.


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