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Making Magical Memories: A Family Vacation with Villatel

Fun fact: I'm the oldest of 7 kids—yes, seven! Growing up, we loved to go on getaways, but there was never anywhere we could all comfortably fit without spending a small fortune. That's why I was beyond excited to have found @Villatel. We're all grown now, with kids and spouses added to our mix, and guess what?

We can vacation together, IN THE SAME HOUSE.

The Perfect Blend of Villas and Hotels

@Villatel combines the very best of villas and hotels by offering spacious, stunning 4-12-bedroom accommodations with hotel-style amenities, consistency, and service.

We have plenty of space for everyone to be under one roof, with private bedrooms and bathrooms for all (this villa had NINE bathrooms). Plus, all the extras include our own private pool & patio, living room, dining room, game room, kitchen, movie theater, laundry, and more! The villa is located inside an amazing resort, so we can also access amenities like a gym, the main pool, a kids' wet playground, on-site restaurants, and even two 18-hole putt-putt courses.

This could be our best vacation yet! Everyone can't wait to return and bring even more of our large family.

The Ultimate Disney Vacation

Be sure to check out my Villatel stories highlight on Instagram for more fun, and check out the link in the bio to book for yourselves or click HERE! Villatel is currently in Orlando & Melbourne, FL! Getting ready for Disney is a breeze from the comfort of our 9-bedroom @Villatel villa in Solara Resort! The fully-stocked kitchen means fresh-brewed coffee and homemade breakfast before 6 am—enjoyed all together with the whole fam in our massive dining room. And then it's off to the parks—just a 20-minute drive away!

Home Away from Home for a Big Family

@Villatel has really proven to be the perfect home away from home for our huge extended family! With so many bedrooms, a fabulous kitchen, a private pool, an arcade, and access to more resort amenities, we have all the space we need for unforgettable family moments, and the game room is perfect for our competitive family spirit.

If you're searching for an incredible place to stay with your loved ones during your Disney getaway, make sure to check out Villatel! Trust me, it's worth it!

We can hardly contain our excitement to return soon and bring even more family members along for the ride. 💕

Check out Villatel for booking information!

Don't Wait! Book your family vacation today!

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