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Learning Christmas Gifts Under $50

I know we're all still excited for Halloween, but before we know it Christmas will be here! I love Christmas! I can get a little too into the holiday spirit and buy all the gifts. But this year I'm trying to be more intentional with the gifts I buy for my kids. I want to buy gifts with purpose. Toys my kids can enjoy & play with while learning all the things! Checkout some of the exciting gifts I got Ryder, Aria & Athena this year. And the best part...they're all under $50!

These are some of the fun gifts I got for my kids that they will enjoy playing with while learning.

Aria & Athena will be be having so much fun with their Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set. My kids love to help me cook but there's things they want to do that aren't safe. Like cutting things! These knives will allow them to learn safely under my supervision. We also bake, like a-lot. So the Playful Chef Sweet Shoppe will let us bake and display our goodies for friends & family.

Now Ryder, he enjoys cooking with us too...but what he really loves to do is building & making creations! He uses stuff he finds all over the house & creates "inventions". They usually include lots of tape and sometimes are a little dangerous. Which is why I'm so excited for him to open Marble Run & Q-BA-Maze! Both are amazing toys that will help curate his engineer imagination!

Last but not least, my sweet, Athena! She loves animals and playing games. I found the perfect gifts for her. Zoo on the Loose & Seek - a - Boo! These games allow small children to play while actively moving. No need to make them sit down & try to "learn". They're learning on their own terms & through lots of play!

And now for my favorite part of Christmas....the STOCKING STUFFERS! Even as a kid I wanted to open my stocking over my other gifts. My mom always got me the best stocking stuffers and I want to make sure my kids feel the same way! First up is the Dig it up Wild Animals Tube! My kids will have so much fun digging out wild animals (just make sure you dig yours out with newspaper or something on top of your table...they can make a mess). Another stocking stuffer we will be ONLY using at a table is the Holiday Memories Putty Scents. I can't wait for the kids to have sensory play that smells like Christmas!

What are you getting your kids for Christmas?! I hope you have gotten some great learning ideas for your kids. Have a Merry Christmas!

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